About Us


OSNZ is a Kiwi based company providing remote staff and VAs to Kiwi businesses. We aim to save your money by trying to find the right people in India to work for you. OSNZ takes the guesswork out of the process and guarantees you a saving of up to 65% on your next remote employee in India.

OSNZ gives you a peace of mind as you are dealing with someone in NZ. We are fully accountable for the services we offer. Replacing, training and finding new people is a part of our service.

We have an established 24/7 (Monday to Friday) office in India. We can hire staff that can work six days a week too. All your remote staff will be working in our Indian branch under the supervision of an office manager. We can meet your requirement of up to 100 staff members.

Why hire remote staff through OSNZ

OSNZ is your local partner. All your ongoing dealings will be locally

Hire VAs who work your business hours and more

Have option of working 6 days a week.

No more recruitment delay or cost

Get Immense Scalability: Terminate our service with just a 5-day notice

Zero Liability: No more labor laws, taxes, overheads, HR, insurance etc

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Loyalty and Risk Free

A free replacement of VAs if you are not satisfied.

You have a full control on the process


Of the New Zealand businesses surveyed:

Outsource IT

Outsource tax

Outsource accounting

Outsource financial services

Outsource HR